Balloons to Buy​


We believe that balloons are the ultimate gift for any occasion and our unique stand-out designs are handmade and personalised just for you. All of our balloons include any printed message, image or logo, just let us know what you'd like us to do! ​

Bubble Balloons​

Helium or Air Filled, these are a great gift for any occasion. These clear balloons are some of the most popular with special designs also available. Available in different sizes. ​

​Number Stacks​

​Floating on a bed of balloons, the famous foil numbers come in a wide range of colours in the style of your choice. Can be customised to your chosen theme & colour scheme.​

Table Top Orbz Decorations​

​Similar to the bubble decorations, our Orbz decorations are set on a bed of balloons & finished with a wrap-around and artificial flowers, perfect or a table top decoration. LED lighting adds the ultimate finish. ​


For the various special seasonal occasions throughout the year, we also have custom designed balloons available. We'll release all new designs for Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter & Fathers Day at least five weeks before the occasion date. ​

Orbz Balloons​

​Helium or Air Filled, another popular choice as a great gift. Orbz come in most colours and look incredible with their shiny mirrored effect. Available in multiple sizes. ​

Table Top Bubble Decorations​

​Built on a bed of balloons & finished with a wrap-around and artificial flowers, our bubble decoration balloons are perfect for a table top decoration. Add LED Lights for the ultimate finish. ​

Latex & Giant Balloons ​

There is nothing quite like 'Saying it with a balloon' and our standard latex balloons or giant balloons are perfect for any occasion. We use Hi-Float gel to ensure maximum floating time and can customise the setup for you. ​

We cater for a wide range of events including Weddings, Baby showers, Birthday’s, Children’s Parties, Corporate events and more. No matter what the budget or the space we can provide something special for everyone. We believe anything is possible and welcome any requests no matter how extravagant.



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